we slayed blockade

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JAINA NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT

pwnsight and rifaat

Mekkatorque dead!

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Whoever knew that a boss that 10 year olds are taught in school could be so difficult

Not Mawn, that's who

we didnt get a killshot but it was like this, except varian is the 3 raiders who got the first buster cannon in p2

http://warcraft.blizzplanet.com/wp-cont ... rian-1.jpg

we did not that great on mekka, but let us hope blockade and Jaina will be greater-er-er-er. Though my humble gz to Polar who are smashing this tier. Konahh was the problem, Rhoarn is the solution

we ready for battle for jaina

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they burned our tree we burn their king

lf 1-2 more ranged

Give me a new Dk and Boomie and WW monk

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now or else Josef Fritzl gets it.

PS or a new rogue

Farmin' and Sellin'.

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IS now selling 8/8M.

LF just a warrior or DK.

Yes, the memes are real, I have a new job and have to relocate so sitting out Dazal'lor. Will IS do better without the Boosted RL?

I think so. Glory to NikappRemnantSanctum <3

Keep it up lads.

REALM First G'Huun Mythic dead!

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G'huun is dead. This concludes a team that finished 519 in Antorus and pushed up to 150. Good job all - the realm first was an added bonus.

My thanks to all members who progressed with us. You've all done great. Special mention to Enisee who stuck around for Uni, and Veej for the guild bank work he did. My unspecial thanks go to Derlon for randomly quitting while being an officer and to the 5 others who decided that Argus farm with 0 brain was the peak of challenge.

My other thanks must go to Polar, who were ,mostly gracious in defeat (although I do agree, my logs were awful). See you in the next raid instance.

Thanks to all who believe in the progression system of consistency over DPS. We may not be the top parsing guild, but progress is made from low % wipes.

or choose being led by the dps god that is jamesmarcus, and congratulations to the team for the realm first G'huun! Polar had most of the tier, but we were a little more fortunate in terms of comp for G'huun.

I won't quit this time, I swear. Well, I'm back in February. TEam's still raiding though and will do better without the greyparse!