Realm First! Aszhara

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Incoming james retiring meme

Realm First! Jaina Proudmoore Dead

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We did it lads!
And this will be the end of using the forum. Back to Discord!#

Gz to all, a well played tier. World ranks improving and a #1 secured.

It wouldn't be a post without a customary bit of interesting wording so I'll stick to merely stating that I will pass on my thanks to all guilds for their gz, except Halo who decided to stick to the excuses of 'They raided one more day' (we did not, 3 days the entire time. We stick to how many days we do a week). 'They raid more than us' (We raid 1:30 less, unlike the Halo 'start raid early and end raid late' trend), then some shrill witch 'Took them long enough'. (Both guilds killed Blockade on the same day).

Still, at least you guys can celebrate as your stream said on Tuesday, 'AT LEAST THEY DIDNT KILL IT PRE NERF'. How completely tragic and incompetent can your raid team be that another guild not killing a boss pre-nerf despite nearly getting there can be seen as a victory? How tragic must you be to celebrate that another guild took 'long enough' to kill Jaina despite both guilds spending an equal amount of time lapsed since the last on it.

I also wish Halo a world of luck attempting to raid a 5th day this reset to kill Jaina, despite claiming its a dead server and they are not interested in racing for ranks. At what point does delusion become unhealthy? I fully expect to see Halo take realm first Crucible by raiding 5 days in a row at the start. Feel free to. Polar and IS never compromised on their ideals, and it's why both guilds have been infinitely more successful than the emo shouting drama brigade that compromises Halo.

I also want to wish Polar guys gl for the future. Their disband will be felt quite deeply on the realm - they inspired us to do better and race. Good luck guys and you're welcome to be here socially.

we slayed blockade

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JAINA NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT

pwnsight and rifaat

Mekkatorque dead!

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Whoever knew that a boss that 10 year olds are taught in school could be so difficult

Not Mawn, that's who

we didnt get a killshot but it was like this, except varian is the 3 raiders who got the first buster cannon in p2 ... rian-1.jpg

we did not that great on mekka, but let us hope blockade and Jaina will be greater-er-er-er. Though my humble gz to Polar who are smashing this tier. Konahh was the problem, Rhoarn is the solution

we ready for battle for jaina

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they burned our tree we burn their king

lf 1-2 more ranged