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 [Declined] Lumi - Warlock for social team 
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Joined: November 23rd, 2018, 16:31
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Character name: Lumi
Battletag: Guru#1492
Race, Class, Level, Artifact Level and Server: Human, Warlock, 120, 29, Silvermoon
Talent spec: Afflication, whatever spec is best for a fight

Guild and raid info
Previous guilds and your reason(s) for leaving them:
I've been playing wow since the end of Vanilla on several different classes and spec. I started out as a holy paladin in Vanilla, TBC and WotLK. Then swapped to an ele/resto shaman during Cata, MoP and WoD. Half way WoD rerolled to a warlock as shaman dps was in a bad state. In Legion I joined a social guild to play as a mage but half way got back active on my lock again. Cycles some guilds to get there, most fell apart due to signups, burnouts, difficulty etc. Got up to Argus 13%, the guild got the kill during my holiday and then transferred to a horde server. Played in a few guilds at the start of Bfa, but none was the right place for me.

Do you know anyone from Inner Sanctum in-game or irl already? If yes, who and will they vouch for you?
Not that I know of

What is your raid experience (on any character and including past experience)?
Uldir: 8/8H 2/8M
Antorus: 11H 8/11M
ToS: 9/9H 4/9M
Nighthold: 10/10H 7/10M
Played mostly in top 10 server guilds before WoD

What do you expect from raiding in Inner Sanctum?
A nice and stable guild that won't fall apart when a boss takes a few wipes.
Having fun in raiding

How would you describe yourself as a raider?
Dedicated raider, always come prepared.
Just trying to get the most out of my time for playing wow.

Please supply a link to the armory with your raiding gear equipped: ... rmoon/Lumi

Please supply combat logs of some of your previous kills: ... fficulty=4

Please supply a link to the armory of any relevant alts you're playing:
I'm not really active on an alt, planning to level up a hybrid class for healer/dps. Most likely an ele/resto shaman.

Real life info
Name: John
Age: 47
Location: Netherlands
Info about you and what you do when not playing WoW:
I'm working as a software architect / developer
├Źn my spare time I'm doing small home projects, home automation etc, robotics
Oh and not to forget, I like to drink special beers!

November 23rd, 2018, 16:34

Joined: May 10th, 2017, 20:32
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After reviewing your application with my fellow officers, we can not offer you a spot in our roster at this point in time.

November 23rd, 2018, 18:31
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