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 [Declined] Marathiel Apply Balnce/Feral druid On Silvermoon 
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General info
Character name: Marathiel
Battletag: Tetro#2198
Race, class, server: Night Elf, Druid, Silvermoon
Talent spec: Balance, rerolled from feral in order to progress better

For how long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
Since vanilla.
Total played time:
200+ days. had another account
Time played on current character in current expansion:
32 days

Guild and raid info
Previous guilds and your reason(s) for leaving them:
Lobsters of Spice Moon: The core team broke when i got in as a trial so i decided to leave in order to progress, we were stuck on Jadefire.
Versatile: Came in as a Feral trial and it went really good as the officers say. We killed mekka and then i got benched cause i wasnt needed comp wise and its the time my trial ended so they just demoted me to social cause of long going bench.
How did you hear about Inner Sanctum?
Inner Sanctum is the best guild on Silvermoon and i know u guys since ICC, if im correct u even were top 20 i nworld .

Why Inner Sanctum and why should we accept YOU?
Inner Sanctum is a guild that is BIS and a spot in hall of fame is something i want to do with you guys.
You should accept me because: First of all I am a team player, im alwyas looking for the better of the fight/team and not my meters like an ape. Im alwyas learning the fights and tactics and im really disciplined. Im always trying to improve as a player, working on dummys for hours, reading in discord servers, talking with player who play better at my spec. Im really dedicated, i have really high attendance raiting and i always come prepared to the fight with the right gear,talents,and mindset.

Do you know anyone from Inner Sanctum in-game or irl already? If yes, who and will they vouch for you?

What is your raid experience (on any character and including past experience)?
Raided since ICC but never at high end levels cause I was a child, started raiding seriously at this tier.
BoD: 7/9m as i said, benched from there
CoS: curved on the first day

What do you expect from raiding in Inner Sanctum
Solid progression, and just finding my home for the game, its an amazing guild and i can really see myself hang with the the guild name as long as i play, playing with cool guys getting high end activity. Just want a good home and great progress.

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it during raids?
Yes communication is the key for success.

Can you attend all of our raid times listed in the rules? How often do you expect to miss a raid? (note we have an 80% attendance requirement and do track raider attendance).
I should be able to attend all of your raids. If I can't attend a raid I will let you know in advance and ill tell you the reason.

How much do you play outside of raiding times?
A lot.I have a broken leg so im usually at home most of the day and i sit on my chair and play a lot.

How would you describe yourself as a raider?
Team player,consistent, willing to do anything for the team.

What addons do you use to improve your raiding performance?
WeakAuras, DBM, Details!,ELVUI, simC and ofcourse logs

Please supply a screen shot to your UI:

Please supply a link to the armory with your raiding gear equipped: ... /Marathiel
Its not updated while im sending this so its on my feral spec, as Balance I have 415 equipped, Paku trink on 415 Ivus trink on 410 and haste enchants on rings and socket on my gloves which i change to haste gloves, 420 main hand and 400 off hand.

Please supply combat logs of some of your previous kills: ... w=rankings ... el#zone=21
Used to off tank on Conclave, died like an idiot on rasta kill unforunatley and mekka is mekka.

Please supply a link to the armory of any relevant alts you're playing:
leveling a warlock right now

Real life info
Name: isaac
Age: 20
Location: Israel
Info about you and what you do when not playing WoW:
Chilling with friends,naruto, sports and familly.

April 18th, 2019, 12:24

Joined: April 18th, 2019, 11:09
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Didnt mention at the title but even though its clear, i apply for main team

April 18th, 2019, 16:58

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Thank you for the application, we will get back to you shortly.

April 18th, 2019, 17:53

Joined: November 24th, 2017, 14:00
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The spot you applied for has now been filled, therefore we will not offer you a trial at this time.

Good luck in your guild search.


April 21st, 2019, 13:47
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