Realm First! Aszhara

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Incoming james retiring meme

Realm First! Jaina Proudmoore Dead

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We did it lads!
And this will be the end of using the forum. Back to Discord!#

Gz to all, a well played tier. World ranks improving and a #1 secured.

It wouldn't be a post without a customary bit of interesting wording so I'll stick to merely stating that I will pass on my thanks to all guilds for their gz, except Halo who decided to stick to the excuses of 'They raided one more day' (we did not, 3 days the entire time. We stick to how many days we do a week). 'They raid more than us' (We raid 1:30 less, unlike the Halo 'start raid early and end raid late' trend), then some shrill witch 'Took them long enough'. (Both guilds killed Blockade on the same day).

Still, at least you guys can celebrate as your stream said on Tuesday, 'AT LEAST THEY DIDNT KILL IT PRE NERF'. How completely tragic and incompetent can your raid team be that another guild not killing a boss pre-nerf despite nearly getting there can be seen as a victory? How tragic must you be to celebrate that another guild took 'long enough' to kill Jaina despite both guilds spending an equal amount of time lapsed since the last on it.

I also wish Halo a world of luck attempting to raid a 5th day this reset to kill Jaina, despite claiming its a dead server and they are not interested in racing for ranks. At what point does delusion become unhealthy? I fully expect to see Halo take realm first Crucible by raiding 5 days in a row at the start. Feel free to. Polar and IS never compromised on their ideals, and it's why both guilds have been infinitely more successful than the emo shouting drama brigade that compromises Halo.

I also want to wish Polar guys gl for the future. Their disband will be felt quite deeply on the realm - they inspired us to do better and race. Good luck guys and you're welcome to be here socially.

we slayed blockade

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JAINA NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT

pwnsight and rifaat

Mekkatorque dead!

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Whoever knew that a boss that 10 year olds are taught in school could be so difficult

Not Mawn, that's who

we didnt get a killshot but it was like this, except varian is the 3 raiders who got the first buster cannon in p2 ... rian-1.jpg

we did not that great on mekka, but let us hope blockade and Jaina will be greater-er-er-er. Though my humble gz to Polar who are smashing this tier. Konahh was the problem, Rhoarn is the solution

we ready for battle for jaina

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they burned our tree we burn their king

lf 1-2 more ranged

Give me a new Dk and Boomie and WW monk

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now or else Josef Fritzl gets it.

PS or a new rogue

Farmin' and Sellin'.

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IS now selling 8/8M.

LF just a warrior or DK.

Yes, the memes are real, I have a new job and have to relocate so sitting out Dazal'lor. Will IS do better without the Boosted RL?

I think so. Glory to NikappRemnantSanctum <3

Keep it up lads.

REALM First G'Huun Mythic dead!

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G'huun is dead. This concludes a team that finished 519 in Antorus and pushed up to 150. Good job all - the realm first was an added bonus.

My thanks to all members who progressed with us. You've all done great. Special mention to Enisee who stuck around for Uni, and Veej for the guild bank work he did. My unspecial thanks go to Derlon for randomly quitting while being an officer and to the 5 others who decided that Argus farm with 0 brain was the peak of challenge.

My other thanks must go to Polar, who were ,mostly gracious in defeat (although I do agree, my logs were awful). See you in the next raid instance.

Thanks to all who believe in the progression system of consistency over DPS. We may not be the top parsing guild, but progress is made from low % wipes.

or choose being led by the dps god that is jamesmarcus, and congratulations to the team for the realm first G'huun! Polar had most of the tier, but we were a little more fortunate in terms of comp for G'huun.

I won't quit this time, I swear. Well, I'm back in February. TEam's still raiding though and will do better without the greyparse!

Mythrax the Unraveler Mythic - dead

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Grats lads.

LF 1 more healer, 1 more ranged.

Realm First - +15 by Phoenix and IS

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A legend - Henriksson
A wanker that has crickets chirping and demands Dark Pact - Daan
A casual rogue that does more dps than my guild - Inverse
A mage obsessed with saying cooldowns - Gulrot
A Swell Guy - AndyTownsend, the Jamesmarcus.

Heroic Uldir Cleared - in 5 hours

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Yes, we cleared heroic uldir and normal in 5 hours. It was challenging.

i cannot play warlock or mage so i reroll to bm hunter now

on to mythic where we will no doubt lose to . We hope our friends in Winters Heart add a 5th day so they can be realm first 5 day a week guild.

So the instance is hard and the trash is pretty awful. We plan on securing our spot as realm 10th when our tank goes to Mexico.

Special mention to Zeeroe who has sold his PC and his possessions to go to South America. Take care. xoxoox

the below is not a meme i swear i just want to recruit buns

[its ok we say 'optional']


Battle for Azeroth - begins!

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Inner Sanctum welcomes Battle for Azeroth on the 14th of August 2018!

We're welcoming all new recruits to IS. Our aim is to finish in the top 3 for the first tier, and get back our Realm First position. To this end, we're back to 3 days a week.

Interested in raiding with some of the more hardcore edge at sociable hours? Come and apply.
Interested in fossil raiding with our old squad? Hit up Freberik.

Authentic recruitment video here:

Judgment Day is here

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Farming and Selling.

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Hit us up if you want to buy raids. Roster's stable. Come and raid with us. Or don't. Whatever.


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or else the kid gets it

1 day clear woo

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Farm cleared in 2 nights - GZ TO WINTERS HEART REALM 2nd 4 DAY PER WEEK + Social Squad Recruiting!

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We be farming
We 4 shot Argus somehow
We did Aggramar with stomper leading.

We gucci, fam. LF hunter and warlock

grats to Winters Heart, realm 2nd (7th) 4 day a week on Argus kill, warcraftlogs link below x

happy St WH's Day. Inter Guild Banter is fun. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

LF Warlock / Hunter. Must not be teheexd for main team.

For Social Squad Team, LFM! Whisper Freberik ingame.

LF Balance Druid and Warlock

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Inner Sanctum wants YOU.


ARGUS DEAD - 11/11M 7 hours a week

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Good job all.

asprah is military so he cant be seen on photos sry

319 pulls.

"Winters Heart, Ravenous, Balanced, Same, Vortex, Four Oh Four, Remnat Lord Beaverbrook vi har slått dem alle sammen, vi har slått dem alle sammen! (we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all!). Caroline, can you hear me? Caroline . your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!"

It's somewhat customary for me to do an End of Boss Memefest.

James rage on Argus:

First: Sicaris on Discord 5s after kill

Lessons Learned and Shoutout goes to:

Lazylin and co - I learned that if you fuck up alot during raids, you have a brain tumor. Hope that's going fine Lazylin. Remember, if you do badly, it's a brain tumor.
Silvari - the first victim of my rage.
The 'Atmosphere is Toxic Squish Crew' [not my boi insarius and derlon] - 'The atmosphere is bad', so we're going to come late, have a private discord to bitch about people, scream at people during raid, apply elsewhere, and wonder why the atmosphere is bad.
Whale - Fuck you and your company. MySwift ruins our Shadow Priest goodness.
Moonrake - Breaker of Backs
Blurbs - Cometh the Man Cometh the Hero. One of a kind. Our saviour. He's like jesus. Except with a shit mic
Powelex - Our Orb Hero (Praise be to Powelex)
Leylou - The only trial shaman who decided to raid in a (lesser progressed) guild and got lost on Eonar.
Jamesmarcus - whiny crybaby who has a God complex
Alydreath - arguing with Pudgy while only having 1 legendary equipped

ITS BEEN A FUN TIER BOYS. Recruiting for BfA - back to 3 days a week in BfA!

ps not quitting this time xd

argus is thwarting us

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damn you argos!!! no wonder why Kerry Katona doesn't shop here anymore!!

Sub 10% now. O sheeeet

we saw the tree

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we have seen the tree on argus

he is red in phase 4

also it's his birthday

to celebrate this, we made this song for argus:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Argus the Unmaker!!

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Argus officially is 0 today. Happy birthday mate! Looking forward to many nights with you!!

Aggramar Mythic Dead - Carried by JimMoriarty

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Jim Moriarty has once again solved The Final Problem.

after 3 tanking with Tigers the Microphone Wonder (never known a microphone to cut out so much) and Stomper the ISIS commander (GOREFIENDS ON BOSS 3 STACKS ALLAH SERBIA AKHBAR) Jim Moriarty of Emerald Nightmare fame relogged and led to victory in an hour

YOUR MEANT TO CONTROL THE ADDS TIGER, whereas Stomper suffered from 'It'll be fine, what's the worst that can happen with 3 stacks'.

LF 1-2 DPS for Argus Mythic. Not bad for a 2 night a week guild that only got remade at the start of the tier.

we were led by the Helix Fossil.

And Mr Meeseeks:

Coven of the Shivarra dead - killed by the American Dodgeball Association of America 9/11M

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So we just killed Coven Mythic, making that 3 Mythic bosses in a week. We owe this to Konahh's inspirational leadership in annoying my good friend Jai.

Wrong guild. Anyway, solid week.

Now for Aggramar. What fun awaits.

Stomper was Bush:

Training video for Coven and Kin'garoth by the American Dodgeball Association of America.

Could IS be coming for Phoenix and Halo despite raiding less hours? The answer is, "no". Memes over.

Varimathras and Kin'garoth Mythic Dead - 8/11!

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Two bosses in a night, grats all, while maintaining the 2 nights p/w schedule. We're coming for you, Emnity.

We're back up and running after Christmas. I'm interested in a new DH to raid with. Also, LF more gullible idiots to trade me gold.


Also I'd like to take this opportunity to say to Konahh - #ReturnJamesToPolarDiscord

Can't be a kill without a meme. There's a few to choose from. There's the "I didn't realize mandatory raids were mandatory", "Why did you bully me James I have a brain tumor" or Jai's hatred of Pudgy. I personally choose the Riff Shadowstepping on the Varimathras kill, spawning extra add, and pantheon blowing it up.

Coven. Joy

Omega Squadron going social

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Thanks for the fish guys - Omega Squadron (Kemee - 3 days p/w) has now ceased raiding.

This leaves KVWN News Team, now simply known as the Raiding Team (2 days p/w) as the sole raiders.

It is Christmas, my dudes. Raid Team Update

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KVWN are now raiding one day a week to clear farm and 4/5 mythic.

Omega are moving raid days to Wed/Thu/Fri for the next two weeks to smash up Antorus a bit more.
Omega LF Restoration shaman!

Happy Christmas, see you in January, time for the well known xmas song

5/11 Mythic for KVWN News Team and Christmas Break! Omega Squadron 4/11 Mythic!

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We have slayed Portal Keeper and Eonar.

Kill pictures incoming. Portal Keeper was fun, we had Enisee go OOM and an offspec resto. Eonar seemed fun, though I prefer Arkguil's Tower Defence.

Good progress guys. KVWN News Team (2 days p/w) are now winding down for Christmas and New Year, picking up prog in 2018. LF 1-2 healers!

Kill picture here:

eonar kill picture:

i did a good photoshop my guild mates like it i hope it convinces you to raid here

Pudgy uses Toxic, Wobber uses Mechanics!

Omega Squadron: 4/11M - Eonar to go! Kemee to update!

3/11 Mythic for KVWN News Team, 3/11 Mythic for Omega Squadron!

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Antorun High Command went boom. Kind of like Transformers. Except with daan boosting.

KVWN News Team (IS 2 day p/w) is now 3/13 M - urgently LF 1-2 healers to stop James dying!

Omega Squadron: 3/13 Mythic - Instance lagging hurt alot, but cleared 3/13M as well.

Next reset will see the benefit of strong splits, which will see the IS name pushing up the ranks from Omega. A good first week for both teams.

Heroic Cleared for KVWN News Team, splits going well for Omega

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Argus was very challenging on heroic.

Nuwn got 2 frost relics.

Omega have to deal with a Green Parse.

guys only want one thing and its fucking disgusting; riffs 985 tier and 975 ring


Did you miss me?

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Cave has some age old screenies up from the old days:!Aogc6cy8ujmPgvsUxtbNZ6nHzX5f9A

Omega Squadron Kills KJ

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After many challenges and roster issues in the first half of the tier Omega Squadron downs Kil'jaeden, achieving a very respectable finish of the tier!

Anyone is free to leave an application if they want a shot at joining a team which is constantly evolving and improving, reaching higher goals.

Special thanks to Big Shaq memes for getting us through KJ progress.

Classic WoW - Inner Sanctum is returning!

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This will be a long way away, but.. we're going back to our roots.

New, old, retired and elderly members all welcome.

Post up!:

Vanilla WoW - IS is coming back!

Let's farm Duskwood spiders for Alliance first Viscidus!

Sagart ninja's cauldrons!

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 16 Oct 2017 18:17 2 comments
You heard it here first. THIEF!

Team 2: Progressing on KJ.

Omega squadron Downs Avatar in only 160 pulls & Disbanding of Alpha Squadron

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Congrats to Omega Squadron for Avatar. Enjoy Super fun Kil'jaeden!

This post is also to state that Alpha Squadron has decided to call it a day. ToS took a lot out of the raiders who raided it; too much grinding and soaking while a very oppressive atmosphere due to those mechanics has meant that players will either go social or do external raiding. I wish you all well.

This means that IS is back to a one team guild. Will Omega Squadron keep the name Omega Squadron? Stay tuned!

Realm First! Kil'jaeden. Alpha Squadron 9/9 Mythic!

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 02 Oct 2017 00:40 1 comments
Horrible boss. Fuck this tier.

Brutal boss. I got the strats wrong in many ways forcing a 3 tank, but it's dead. Grats to all past and present members of IS for the kill - everyone who has been with us since January, or even left, deserve a shoutout.

Kill Pic:

Kill Vid inc!

IS Nerdscreams:

The kill came as something as a surprise - we lost 2 days of progress due to instance lag (on behalf of literally EVERY guild on Silvermoon, can you do something about this, Blizzard? Fair race is one thing, but having one guild lag out which rotates is irritating) and had roster issues / RL problems dogging us. However, cometh the hour, cometh the Penkek Marker.

This ends Tomb, which has been pretty much one of the worst tiers for raiding overall in my opinion. Soak mechanics, artifical checks put in place by soak checks, and bosses that require double the wipes of the first. Avatar was a good ending, but KJ. Less said about this the better.

Hope Antorus is better. Certainly I'd like to have an entire mass res button, Argus style!

This leaves Alpha Squadron 9/9 Mythic, and rebuilding for Antorus! Apply now. Finishing at a respectful World 141, with only 3 days p/w, no added days, no extend, just 10:30 of pure raiding focus.

Omega Squadron are 7/9 Mythic with avatar soon to be dead.

As my post has been leaked anyway, I'll hijack this to say, yes I am going social due to RL and burnout and leave on these words.

See you on the social side.

Omega Squadron - 7/9 Mythic, Alpha Squadron - 8/9 Mythic

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Avatar dead for Alpha Squad

Great fight tbh. Exception of P2 Dark Marks. It's really one of the better fights in ToS, sadly negated by the need to stack immunes. The damage of Dark M in P2 is enough, but the knockback into tornado is fucking brutal and forced us to basically do a power P1 strat where we could sac in P2.

It's dead though, and as regular viewers of the stream can see my blood pressure got lessened. I was close to a nervous, mental breakdown clearly. Fuck this tier.

Maiden dead for Omega Squad! - 7/9

After just under 80 wipes maiden goes down. wasn't as much of a challenge as mistress, but nonetheless a fantastic job by our team. avatar up next for us!

Come and join us if you want to experience a similar environment to the above!

GM word here: For Omega Squad to be 7/9 Mythic and Alpha to be 8/9 Mythic shows just how effective IS has become at dealing with the over-grinding of Legion and the construction of raid teams as a whole. Proud of you all.

Come and get your black bin bags

Omega Squadron - 6/9 Mythic - Mistress dead!

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Mistress died!

Died in 192 pulls.

Omega Squadron LF 2 rogues and a warrior (and a decent balance to replace Zola)

Carried by Newton the Dog!

(Alpha Squad - 30% Avatar)

Silvermoon Dead - Final Boss Done

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We have been beaten by a guild barbeque and Silvermoon dying.

This means this week our progress on Avatar is:

Though 7/9 mythic farm, heroic and nh!! And I did lfr kj!!

We have learned this week the following:

1) Silvermoon is dying and needs a new hamster

2) Kaszlin can't drink

3) Praxy dances with his tongue out

4) Erik is a mighty blonde.

See you on Wednesday for Operation: Avatar

Maiden of Vigilance Dead - 7/9 Mythic - Banterbus Incoming

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Maiden has died.

A few things.

Why is this boss here and tuned like this? The 3rd to last boss was easier than Sisters. The difficulty curve is totally wrong here, and if you can't kill this in 2 raid nights there's an issue.

Anyway, it's dead. I feel that Blizzard really missed a trick here, and I feel for any guild on Mistress having to hammer >150 pulls in to something early in the instance to be greeted with a boss that's far easier.

Sorry exxdee for the memes:

This is maiden:

This is our kill:

Obligatory meme:


i would like to edit this post to say i apologise maiden i was wrong and u were right #NeverReclear

i edit again WE SLAYED MAIDEN!!

Mistress Sass'zline dead - 6/9 Mythic

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After 166 pulls we decided that we had to put 50% of the raid on the new vegan diet which was not eating fish or trying to eat killer sharks, and it worked

We have slain mistress and can confirm we will spend next reset farming the instance then doing maiden to assist in boost runs of our friends (polar can we negotiate to have Joined Realm First in title for sales, Connor says we can't but I think he is a tyrant that we need to behead, we will trade you Sukharik for him)

It was a fun boss, i maintained impeccable calmness during the fight and have a composure that can make Gandhi proud

Here is an artists description of the kill shot as well as associated memes (thank u matt 4 soaking but sry ur #1 so we have to #1 meme)

We will meet maiden on the field of battle on sunday, where this vid will be top meme

Team 2: Just killed Host as well. 5/9 for T2, 6/9 for t1!

Desolate Host dead - 5/9 mythic

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5/9 mythic
hard boss
mistress is killing us

pufferfish must die

update 18/7/17

mistress lives. we are hunted by jaws

4/9 mythic T1 - 3/9 mythic T2

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We killed 3 tough early bosses and took a glaive to the face alot for sisters

whale in p3:

see u at desolate host on sunday

both teams lf playas

Inner Sanctum vs Mythic Tomb

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It starts tonight

Led by:

Henrik 'The Mute' Sson

Sagart 'The Away' Sagart

James 'The Grey' Marcus

White 'Boulder' Knightx


see you in a few raids

Through The Looking Glass

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Tomb cleared.

Splits done.

One more wave of splits on Wednesday.

Then #OperationCatchup begins.


Shall we begin?

Team 2: LF 1 healer and 1 dps.

Team 1: LF DH.

Progressing through Tomb Heroic

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 25 Jun 2017 12:37 0 comment
Soon we will rise from realm 40th.

T2: LF 1-2 healers.

T1: LF dh/1 healer.

Hello, I'm Jim Moriarty, and welcome to The Tomb Problem (LF 2-3 more members)

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 05 Jun 2017 00:14 0 comment
LF 2-3 dps/healers in both Team 1 and Team 2.


Channel 2 News - New Team, 10/10 Mythic

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 16 May 2017 18:15 0 comment
Formed from the ashes of Purified, IS has acquired a new team. The aim is Realm #1 and #2. Will it happen? Depends if Yume can stop weebing.

9/10 Mythic in 2 days. LF more ranged dps.

And now they are 10/10 Mythic, making that two teams in IS who have cleared Mythic Nighthold.

10/10 Mythic - Gul'dan Dead

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 21 Apr 2017 21:46 0 comment
The tier is now over. We've killed Gul'dan!

It has been an interesting tier. We've come from Realm 567 to Realm 2nd, starting in mid-Feb with raiders in less than 870 ilvl and players out of raiding for a few years.

Nonetheless, using the same levels of organization and respect as the ethos of Inner Sanctum previously, we've managed to finish a respectable Realm 2nd, in the top 200, without doing the usual of most guilds (3 days a week, jk it's 6).

I'd like to thank the guild for their hard work during this time, and look forward to any more gamers who wish to join us.

Tier 19 pulls:

Helya: 17
Anomaly: 16
Trilliax: 4
Spellblade: 47
Krosus: 7
Botanist: 8
Tichondrius: 26
Star Augur: 80 + 7 (post nerf)
Elisande: 123
Gul'dan: 127

We're also looking to open a second raiding team inside.

Nerdscreams inc too when our team have finished making the video. It will take as long as the kill itself...

Grand Magistrix Elisande down!

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 04 Apr 2017 20:05 0 comment
Quick post to say - we're 9/10 Mythic now. Not bad, as we started mid February at 880 ilvl!

Open for recruitment. Taste our memes.