5/11 Mythic for KVWN News Team and Christmas Break! Omega Squadron 4/11 Mythic!

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 18 Dec 2017 22:41

We have slayed Portal Keeper and Eonar.

Kill pictures incoming. Portal Keeper was fun, we had Enisee go OOM and an offspec resto. Eonar seemed fun, though I prefer Arkguil's Tower Defence.

Good progress guys. KVWN News Team (2 days p/w) are now winding down for Christmas and New Year, picking up prog in 2018. LF 1-2 healers!

Kill picture here:

eonar kill picture:

i did a good photoshop my guild mates like it i hope it convinces you to raid here


Pudgy uses Toxic, Wobber uses Mechanics!

Omega Squadron: 4/11M - Eonar to go! Kemee to update!


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