Aggramar Mythic Dead - Carried by JimMoriarty <ilvl 938>

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 12 Feb 2018 23:46

Jim Moriarty has once again solved The Final Problem.

after 3 tanking with Tigers the Microphone Wonder (never known a microphone to cut out so much) and Stomper the ISIS commander (GOREFIENDS ON BOSS 3 STACKS ALLAH SERBIA AKHBAR) Jim Moriarty of Emerald Nightmare fame relogged and led to victory in an hour

YOUR MEANT TO CONTROL THE ADDS TIGER, whereas Stomper suffered from 'It'll be fine, what's the worst that can happen with 3 stacks'.

LF 1-2 DPS for Argus Mythic. Not bad for a 2 night a week guild that only got remade at the start of the tier.

we were led by the Helix Fossil.

And Mr Meeseeks:


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