Heroic Uldir Cleared - in 5 hours

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 10 Sep 2018 20:33
Yes, we cleared heroic uldir and normal in 5 hours. It was challenging.

i cannot play warlock or mage so i reroll to bm hunter now

on to mythic where we will no doubt lose to . We hope our friends in Winters Heart add a 5th day so they can be realm first 5 day a week guild.

So the instance is hard and the trash is pretty awful. We plan on securing our spot as realm 10th when our tank goes to Mexico.

Special mention to Zeeroe who has sold his PC and his possessions to go to South America. Take care. xoxoox

the below is not a meme i swear i just want to recruit buns

[its ok we say 'optional']



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