Omega Squadron - 7/9 Mythic, Alpha Squadron - 8/9 Mythic

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 04 Sep 2017 22:00

Avatar dead for Alpha Squad

Great fight tbh. Exception of P2 Dark Marks. It's really one of the better fights in ToS, sadly negated by the need to stack immunes. The damage of Dark M in P2 is enough, but the knockback into tornado is fucking brutal and forced us to basically do a power P1 strat where we could sac in P2.

It's dead though, and as regular viewers of the stream can see my blood pressure got lessened. I was close to a nervous, mental breakdown clearly. Fuck this tier.

Maiden dead for Omega Squad! - 7/9

After just under 80 wipes maiden goes down. wasn't as much of a challenge as mistress, but nonetheless a fantastic job by our team. avatar up next for us!

Come and join us if you want to experience a similar environment to the above!

GM word here: For Omega Squad to be 7/9 Mythic and Alpha to be 8/9 Mythic shows just how effective IS has become at dealing with the over-grinding of Legion and the construction of raid teams as a whole. Proud of you all.

Come and get your black bin bags


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